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Any instructions would be nice.
I can't figure out where I'm drilling. Where I'm standing? In front of me?
So far, I've slept, found what look like coal pieces, sticks and lumps of dirt. Traded 3 Zhom. If I stay still, I know where to dig (sort of).

What do I do with the non-Zhom items? They disappear if I sleep.

There's nowhere on the map to go (beside Hometun).

The more I play the more confused I get. You have to trade specific shapes of Zhom? What's the poe face for?

This game seems way too tedious anyway. Thank goodness you can got to map from the pause menu.

Will do that next week!, overall you have to trade with the spider what they need in order to unlock maps and villagers. The first one you get is a worm in charge of the town so giving them stuff you gain benefits like more energy (green), more trades with them and others (blue) or less losing items (pink)