Devtober is over!

Last 3 days of October + 2 BONUS* puzzles!

This game is a collection of 31 little puzzles, + 3 introductory puzzles and potentially 2 BONUS!

#devtober was meant as a little exercise and everybody made what they wanted, I liked the idea of mimicking inktober as in releasing something small every day so I set up the game to be able to do that and released a level every day prior to be automatically unlocked the next and thats what I did for the last ones too. However one of the challenges I really liked was from @ThisIsEllian, a very talented and charming pixel artist, which was to get at least $1 from the game so I thought it was fun to do or to at least experiment with that.

The last 2 levels will only be released if I get at least 1 buck, kinda feels like having the ending as a hostage, but I'm both waiting to see if that happens as much as in letting go the fact that nobody will see them, its so  exciting!

Thank you very much if you have played, or just for checking out, my game!, and please support this game by giving out one buck to see the last two super charming puzzles <3


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