[Prototype in development]


ASD - Main skills
Space - Dash/Dodge
Left/Right - Running

King's Night-watch Fighting Test Prototype 

The objective is to reduce your enemy's HP to 0 before your HP becomes 0. You have a number of moves or "skills" to help you which are basically a double Rock Paper Scissors. Moves are not immediate, they require a small charge time, most of the time holding the button down.

Main Skills:

A - [A]ttack (Scissors)
D - [D]efend (Rock)
S - [F]eint (Paper)

The winner inflicts 1 damage to the enemy. The white barrier is your balance/barrier (BP) and can be recovered quickly by not fighting. If you win with [D]efend, you also regain 1 BP, and if you draw with [F]eint both "win" and both receive damage.

Using Space lets you [Da]sh or [Do]dge (no difference at the moment but) which let's you avoid entirely any main skill. However a quick tap of A, D or F becomes a [Q]uick attack which blocks any attempt to Dash or Dodge.

Main Skill, Hold [ADS] > Quick Attack, tap [ADS] > Dash [Space] > Main Skill

[A]ttack < [D]efend < [F]eint < [A]ttack 

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