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I love the character design, and the whole feel (including UI and the little quotes).

I just wish there was an option for fewer laps. Maybe I missed it? Ten laps is a bit too much of the same for me.

That was sooo much fun! The controls are easy to pick up, but hard to master  👌. And the aesthetics are beautiful - really cutesy in a 90s Nintendo-esque way. I have to ask: do all the different animal have different AI and attributes? Or are they different in how they look?


Would love to say they do but on my end they don’t. I want to believe their souls manifest and it’s something I wanted to add on a bigger version.

Lovely game! It can be challenging even after you get the hang of the controls, so it doesn't feel like an easy win when you get first place. The character designs are adorable and I really like how each one of them stands out, despite of being so tiny. Also, my favorite course is the chaotic 8-shaped one haha.
Great work!

thank you so much!!


I liked it. I found it a bit hard to track the orientation of my vehible, particularly when getting knocked around by the other drivers.

The character designs are nice.


The characters are cute and adorable.