Move the stuff from the left side (out of the rooms) into the right side (inside the rooms) . Hints at the end!



Each pair of chairs are stuck together (sorry if sometimes it doesn't seems like it)

Theres a situation in which the game can be unsolvable, my suggestion is try to not push stuff or to abuse bounciness too hard


  • Try emptying space from the right room all way into the left room.
  • Compressing clothes is valid, given the broken physics, but the solution doesn't counts with that
  • Horizontal chairs don't collide with vertical chairs and viceversa.
  • If you almost have it, you can try to use a heavier object to push a line of smaller objects across the ceiling to  create a needed empty space (its not mandatory)
  • On the rightest room you can put together the four chairs and freeing up two very needed spaces

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