You are a group of good friends with a chat group. The goal is to maintain the most activity in the group represented by SPAM tokens. You do so by adding or removing people into the group and by the passing of the turns. The objective is to get as many spam points in 12 turns.

The game has 4 phases:
- SEND IN a card 
- SPAM calculation
- SEND OUT per extra fire tokens
- NEW TURN preparation

You start with 3 persons on your hand, and in the SEND IN phase. When you SEND IN, SEND OUT, RETURN, or during SPAM turn cards will trigger effects like getting more spam points, adding people into your hand, or forcing you to SEND IN or SEND OUT at those moments. Use them to your advantage!


Your turn / SEND IN:

Press O (usually "Z") to SEND IN a card into the group and finish your turn.
Additionally you can press X (usually "X") to RETURN cards back to the bottom of the deck, you can do as many RETURNs per turn. (If you have an empty hand you continue to the next phase)

Chatting / SPAM calculation:

Each member in the group will gain the effects drawn int their heads (spam points most of the time). 

Hot topics / SEND OUT: 

You will gain as many spam points as fire tokens, but if you have more than 5 you'll loose a fire token and must SEND OUT a member, repeat until you have 5 fire or less.

The next day / NEW TURN:

If it wasn't the last turn it will add 1 to the turn counter and continue the game. You will gain a new person card in your hand, and a fire token per each 4 persons in the group.


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