(I have yet to add an indication but instructions will probably won't fit in game, i have to make an instruction manual)

I'm still working on this but it should be finished this month!


The objective is to build a powerful potion with the time and budget, try to replicate the goal potion as much as you can!


Hold X to move between sections: Shop, Bottles, Cauldrons, Ingredients and Delivery.

Cauldrons (center section): While on a circular cauldron hold O and press an arrow key to move the gems. While on the rectangular one press O to destroy gems

Bottles (top section): Hold O to move liquid between cauldrons and bottles. Use up and down to change direction, if it's up the liquid will drain from the cauldron, if it's down it will drop into the cauldron.

Shop (left section): Press O to spend money to get raw potions or powerful ingredients. A new ingredient appears every 10 seconds, or on purchase, and the last ingredient expires every 10 seconds as well.

Ingredients: Press O to select and again to drop an ingredient into a cauldron, if there's enough space.

Delivery: Select one of the bottles with a potion inside for evaluation by pressing O. If it matches at least 70% the formula you can submit it by pressing O again.


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