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I got this as part of a bundle and I ended up loving it! Here's all my wins with each team:


Holy f***n christ omg I love you already thanks so much for playing!

Very fun bite-sized tactics here. The rock-paper-scissors interplay of the different attack resources is fun, and it makes it meaningful to assess each incoming enemy and weigh all your offensive options. Love the art style and music. I've been able to get to the penultimate floor but haven't beaten it yet.

is the scythe unit a bunny rabbit or a plague doctor crow.. very important

It’s a bunny with a hoe!

must've been farming carrots *-[|||>... probably something like that.


Oh, no, the farming tool is super sharp

How does the curse work/uncurse a unit?

When a unit dies they get cursed!, you get them back but a cursed unit will spawn a doppelgänger

You can use the skull bell to remove this effect

how did you get those info images?

You mean the ones on the description? I made them. If you mean the backgrounds and some other different details, i updated some assets for the season to be more day of the dead-y

you made them well!

what is the diff between the web and download versions

Nothing!, or it shouldn’t be different, just that you can play it on your own without using a web browser

ah, thanks for the explination

just wondering, why are the standalones paid (as much as I wish everything was free) but I don't get why not the standalones, as pico-8 is annoying to run in browser

Amazing roguelike! experimenting with different builds and characters is so fun

Me pareció muy divertido, y eso que los juegos de estrategia no son lo mío. Además, leer las entradas que describen los ítems del juego en la cuenta de Twitter de Torre, me sirvió para disfrutarlo mucho más (ya lo había jugado antes y me desesperaba no saber qué hacía cada cosa, ja ja ja). Saludos.

Enjoyed the game a ton, maybe a key somewhere to show what each icon means so we can strategize better when selecting our rewards. It took me some time to figure out what each boost does, and I'm pretty sure I still don't know XD

Yeah i need to make a proper manual. Also thanks for the rate!, i’m def nerfing the green slimeys lol, i just got owned by them too :(

Still, really love the game, keep up the great work. Those pesky boys don't play.

this game is very cool!

crash report - game switched to "red" mode and a new enemy wizard appeared at the bottom of the board

oh thanks!, lemme check that

hey friend, make the game download pls

Sorry about the delay ive been working on a couple of tweaks, but will def do!

ok, good lucky on you game

Please make this game downloadable I would love to play it offline

Will do!, sorry about it, have been adding lil stuffs but will maybe do it tonight

Thanks that would be awesome