A downloadable tour for macOS

To open the game use right mouse click and then open!, otherwise it will tell you that it can't be opened :( 


<arrow keys>  - to move

Z - to tell your tourists that this is awesome

X - to guide yourself

This is an entry for the #gmtkjam

You are a dog, and a tourist guide! Show this humans the way of dog into your favorite park up to your favorite ice cream place. Don't get them tired or anxious though, also you can have some extra fun, and maybe some ice cream too! Hope you have a wonderful time here. 

This is an entry for the #gmtkjam, for Mac OS, made with XCode's Spritekit engine. 

How it matches the theme: The tourist have an energy system, they recharge when not walking and when amused (heart marks pop up) but lowers when walking. If they are very energetic they start getting anxious (question marks pop out) and when low they get tired (sweat pops out). Moving the dog controls the tourist movements to either tire them or get them near an attraction. But dog also wants to have a good time, he enjoys some stuff that humans do not (dog also has heart marks popping up). In the end it's about the dog having two jobs. 

In retrospect its not a dual interaction, more than a verb and an anti verb, but it was great to explore the options. All your comments are well received! 

Credits to me: @calixjumio 


TouristGuideDog.app.zip 2 MB


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Not available for Windows? :(


I'm so sorry :<


It´s fine. It looked really interesting though

r you on windows